Recording & Mix Engineer.

Field & Production Sound Recordist.
Guitarist and songwriter.

I launched my career in sound while studying music at Sarah Lawrence College, where I made records for myself and friends. This led directly to a life in recording, teaming up in 2008 with friends and co-conspirators Alex and Patrick.

DIY origins instilled a love for capturing sound - music, spoken word, and noise - in interesting situations and places. I'm equally at home in the studio as I am in foreign and hostile recording environments. The studio offers the control to seek the ideal timbre for a given song or project. By contrast, in the film world, I specialize in documentary and vérité style filmmaking, where I enjoy capturing sonic detail in the front lines of real world events.

If I'm mixing a record, recording a voice in a riot, or capturing bird song in the trees, I strive for the same goal - to deliver obsessively high quality sound in an easygoing, reliable, and fun way.


Recording & Mix Engineer. 

Studio Manager. A/V Technician.

Tom and I grew up in a vibrant, suburban, DIY, teenage music scene. We've been making records ever since.

I studied audio production at Emerson College and hold a degree in Visual & Media Arts. I moved to Brooklyn from Boston after graduating and promptly got to work with these fine fellas to make Spaceman Sound a reality.

My goal at Spaceman is to cultivate a productive, comfortable, and creative work environment  for musicians, artists, and creators of all types.


I want to capture your most fully recognized sonic vision using the highest quality equipment and techniques.

Working with musicians is one of my greatest joys, but Spaceman has also allowed me to broaden my career in audio to include post-production work for film & video as well as ADR, VO, and podcast recording.

I'm also wicked experienced and available for your broadcast audio or corporate A/V needs. 


Production Sound Recordist.

Recording & Mix Engineer. Bassist.

I graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, where I studied music and recording with Pat Muchmore. While there, I was lucky enough to form a lifelong creative and professional relationship with Mr. Tierney - and shortly thereafter, his old grade school buddy Alex.


After helping to build Spaceman's Greenpoint studio, I transitioned into  on-location  sound recording for film, television, and commercial projects, specializing in multi-camera productions with robust client monitoring needs as well as independent, guerilla-style narrative filmmaking.

In addition, I offer post-production sound design and mixing services, and in conjunction with Spaceman, am able to offer a full "round-trip" production  audio service - from recording to the final master.


But most importantly, I can lay down a groovy bassline on command.