Pearlman TM-1, Neumann TLM 103 (2), Coles 4038 (2), Telefunken ELA M 260, AKG C414 B-ULS (2), AKG C214,  Shure KSM44A, Oktava MK-012 (3), Blue Dragonfly, Aston Origin (2), Beyerdynamic m160 (2), Beyerdynamic m88 (2), Cascade Fat Head, Telefunken M80, Shure KSM8 Dualdyne (2), Shure SM7B (6), Shure SM57 (6), Shure SM58 (5), Shure PG 56, Audio-Technica ATM25, Audio-Technica PRO25 (2), Audio-Technica ATM450 (2), Sennheiser MD 441, Sennheiser MD421 II, Shure 545SD Unidyne III (2), Shure 55SH Unidyne II, Sennheiser e906 (2), Sennheiser e602, Schoeps CMIT 5U, Sennheiser MKH50, Sennheiser MKH416, Sanken COS-11d (3), Audio-Technica BP4025, Audio-Technica BP4029, Audio-Technica AT3060, Audio-Technica AT3035 (2), Electro-Voice M43 (2), Karma K-Micro (2), MCA SP-1 (3), MXL 603 (2, modified), Sony ECM-18 (2), Sennheiser e604, SHS OMD-1, Audix d2, Audix d3, Audix d4, Audix CX-111 (2), Audix ADX-51, DIY "sub kick" mic, Shure Beta 91A, Audio-Technica AT841UG (6), Beyerdynamic MPC23 (4), Apex 436, Shure AXS-1, Grampian dp4, Argonne AR-54, Radio Shack 3019

API 7800/8200 24x2x2 mixer, Toft ATB 08M 8x6x10, Tascam 38 1/2" 8 track reel-to-reel, Fostex 250 4-track cassette recorder/mixer, Soundcraft MFXi 20x2x2, Technics m305 cassette deck, various cassette and microcassette recorders. 

* Please specify ahead of time if you want to mix or record to tape.


• Kick: Ludwig 22" Slingerland 20", Tama 22", Pearl 22"

• Snare: Rogers 14"x7", Pearl 14"x7", Pearl 14"x6", Mapex 13"x3.5"

• Floor Tom:  Tama 14", Pearl 16", 

• Rack Tom: Tama 12, 10" Pearl 13", 12", Rogers 12", 10"

Various cymbals from Zildjian, Alchemy, Istanbul, Sabian, and Wuhan.

Miscellaneous tambourines, shakers, noise makers, sticks, mallets, hot rods and brushes. 
* Please let us know if you're hoping to use house drums so we can advise as to the status of drum heads, etc.


Apple 27-inch iMac (5k display, 4.2GHz quad-core i7 processor, 32GB RAM, SSD), Apple Mac Pro (quad-core duo processor, 32GB RAM, SSD), RME HDSPe RayDAT soundcard (34ch), SSL Alphalink AX AD/DA (24ch), Lavry Blue ADC (2ch), Dangerous Source DAC (2ch), Presonus Digimax FS AD/DA (8ch), Antelope Orion 32 AD/DA (32ch), Pro Tools 12, Logic Pro X, Universal Audio UAD-2 QUAD, Presonus FaderPort.

Universal Audio, Soundtoys, FabFilter, TDR, and Native Instruments Plugins.

Massey Plugins and Drum Replacement Tool, Valhalla Vintage Verb, Izotope Noise Reduction and Mastering Suites, Melodyne, Antares Auto-Tune, U-He Presswerk 

Dynaudio BM15A Monitors, Tascam VLM-3 Monitors, Avantone MixCubes, Focal Alpha Monitors, KRK Rokit 5 Monitors, Dangerous Source, Emerson Boom Box, Furman HDS-6/HR-6 Headphone Distribution system, Coleman switchers.

Sennheiser HD650, Shure SRH840, Shure SRH440, Direct Sound EX-29, Telefunken THP-29, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, Sennheiser HD280 pro, Sennheiser HD202 (3), Sony MDR 7506 (2), Sony MDR 7502, Monoprice 8322 (4), Grado SR80

Toft ATB 08M, Soundcraft MFXi 20 w/ Lexicon FX, Mackie and Crown power amps, JBL JRX 115 (x2), JBL EON 15 G2, various PA heads and monitor wedges, Alesis Nanoverb.


Wurlitzer Electric Piano (restored by Vintage Vibe), Roland FP-7 (88 weighted key digital piano/controller), Juno 106, Prophet, Moog, Moog Lil Phatty, Korg Microkorg XL, Roland A01k, Korg Monotron Delay (2), Korg Volca (Keys, FM, Kick, Beats, Bass, and Sampler), Excelsior Piano Accordion, Akai MPD218 drum pad controller, Casio ToneBank CT-638, Casio ToneBank CT-401, Casio SA-46, Yamaha PSR-150, Apple iPad w/ various synth apps, Schylling Toy Piano (modified).

Manley Variable-Mu, Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor, Empirical Labs UBK Fatso, Lindell Audio 17XS MKII (Zen Pro mod), Lindell Audio 7X-500, Hairball Audio 1176 Rev A (Blue Stripe), Stam Audio SA4000 (2), Warm Audio EQP-WA Tube EQ (2), Warm Audio WA76, Universal Audio LA-610 (2), Universal Audio 4-710d, Ashly SC-55, dbx 160A (2), dbx 560a (2), dbx 363 gate (4), dbx 263x de-esser (4), dbx 110 subharmonic synthesizer, Roland Space Echo RE-201, Alesis Nanoverb

Neve 1073dpx (2ch), Universal Audio LA-610 (2), Universal Audio 4-710d (4ch), Universal Audio 2-610 (2ch), Heritage Audio HA 1073 (2), Seventh Circle Audio N72 (2ch) & A12 (6ch), Chameleon Labs 7622 (2ch), API 512c (2), CAPI 312, 8 Toft ATB channel preamps, Sound Devices MP-2 (2ch), Sound Devices MixPre (2ch), Sound Devices MM-1, Warm Audio Tone Beast, 20 Soundcraft MFXi channel preamps, Shure ST6000, Little Labs Red Eye DI/reamp, Radial JDI, Radial SB-1, Radial Pro D2 stereo DI (2), Radial RMP, DIY-RE FE2 DI (2), DIY-RE L2P attenuator, Ampeg SCR-DI, Abominable Electronics Sunnbather DI, Cloudlifter CL-1 (2), Cloudlifter CL-2

Fender Super Reverb (1967), Fender Princeton Reverb 68 Custom, Fender Vibrolux Reverb, Fender Blues Junior, Hiwatt Lead 30 (1983), Jet City 20HV, Roland JC-120, Sunn Sceptre (1969), Sunn 4x12 cabinet (2), Sunn 2x12 cabinet

* Sunn cabs have Eminence Swamp Thang and Cannabis Rex speakers in them

Ampeg B-15S (70s), Ampeg SVT 200t, Sunn Studio Bass 1x15 combo (70s), Peavey Standard Series 260 PA/Bass Head (70s), Peavey 2x15 cabinet, Fender Mini Twin, Kustom KXB1, various amp modelers (see Pedals)  

* Please specify before your session if you would like to use our amps as they are heavily used and may be out playing shows or for repairs. 

Gibson ES-335, Gibson Victory MVII CM, Fender Telecaster, Fender Mustang, Fender Stratocaster HS, Fender Cyclone,  Kay Vanguard, Silvertone 1457

Rickenbacker 4003 bass, Fender P-Bass, Fender Jazz Bass, Squier Bronco Bass

D'Angelico Riverside Dreadnaught, Kay Elite Archtop, Alvarez & Yamaha dreadnaughts, Carlo Robelli 12-string, Hondo H308A nylon string, Fender Mandostrat, Lanikai and Fluke Ukuleles, Owen Burke Banjuke

* Please inquire ahead of time if you would like to use our guitars. Some live in other tunings, and may be off-site, in the shop, or on the road.

Death by Audio Supersonic Fuzz Gun, Death by Audio Fuzz War, Death by Audio Total Sonic Annihilation, Death by Audio Interstellar Overdriver, Death by Audio Kill Kill Filter, Death by Audio Small Sound, J Rockett Archer Ikon, J Rockett Majestic, J Rockett Boing, J Rockett Tranquilizer, Pro Co Rat 2, Abominable Electronics Sunnbather DI, Verellen Big Spider, Moog Moogerfooger Low-Pass Filter, Moog Moogerfooger Ring Modulator, Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo, Dunlop Germanium Fuzz Face Mini, MXR Reverb, MXR Carbon Copy, MXR Bass D.I. +, Ampeg SCR-DI, Blackstar HT-Dual, Jet City Shockwave, Electro Harmonix Synth9, Electro Harmonix Mel9, Electro Harmonix POG nano, Electro Harmonix Big Muff, Electro Harmonix Double Muff, Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff Deluxe, Electro Harmonix Pulsar, EarthQuaker Afterneath Reverb, EarthQuaker Ghost Echo, DOD Rubberneck Delay, DOD Overdrive Preamp 250, DOD Mini Volume Pedal, DOD Phasor 201, DOD 240 Resistance Mixer, DOD Gunslinger, BOSS RC-3 Looper, TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus, TC Electronic Skysurfer Reverb, TC Electronic Tailspin vibrato, FuzzHugger Sidestep, Danelectro Spring King (modified for no slap), Danelectro octave, BOSS DS-1, BOSS GE-7, Ernie Ball volume pedal, Morley wah/volume pedal, VOX Tonelabs multi-effects/amp modeler, Radial BigShot MIX parallel effects loop, Radial BigShot FX dual effects loop, Fender ABY pedal, BOSS TU-3 and TU-2 tuners, Korg and Snark clip on and desktop tuners